Bumi Sehat: building peace one mother, child and family at a time

Rebecca is an ambassador for non-profit organization, Bumi Sehat Foundation. Translating to ‘Healthy Earth Mother’, Bumi Sehat believes that access to quality healthcare and to kind, hygienic, culturally appropriate childbirth is a human right.

Founded on the belief that a child’s first classroom is the womb, Bumi Sehat is devoted to caring for mothers and babies before, during and after birth. Dedicated to reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality, they operate two Community Health Education and Childbirth Centers in Bali where they provide free of charge prenatal, birth and postpartum services, along with 24-hour emergency health and labor services.

Lovingly assisting more than 600 newborns into the world each year, Bumi Sehat not only improves the quality of health for mothers and children by supporting low-income women with costless maternal healthcare, but also offers holistic health education services including breastfeeding support, nutritional assistance, prenatal yoga and acupuncture. They also provide complimentary transport to families in remote areas, giving them access to free medical aid and pediatric consultations.

“Every baby’s first breath on earth could be one of peace and love. Every Mother should be healthy and strong. Every birth should be safe and loving. But our world is not there yet. Hundreds of mothers in the prime of their lives are dying from complications of pregnancy and childbirth because they can’t afford proper care. Bumi Sehat is a place where compassionate healthcare happens. We are a bridge on which mothers can walk upon to safely cross over into motherhood.”
Robin Lim, Founder, Bumi Sehat Foundation